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Sire Thor & Sire Frosty 

Thor is our sire he has beautiful markings he also has a great temperament and loves walking on his cat wheel

Frosty country paws one of our sires .
Frosty country paws one of our sires .

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Country paw Bengals 
Our Sires country paws
Our Sires country paws



Since we are located a little farther out in the country we do understand it may be hard for some to pick up their new kitten so we are willing to drive and meet up as long as the distance is reasonable for us.

Is a bengal right for you?

Cats have all kinds of different personalities, so is a bengal best for you?

We want our Bengals to find the perfect family and we want their new owners to be totally happy with their new addition!

First thing you should know about Bengals is they love to climb! 

Second is the can be very mischievous and curious.

Third is a crave for meat more than domestic cats.  I feed my Bengals a mixture wet and dry cat food.  To ensure your bengal is getting everything they need nutritionally you should look at the ingredients and make sure it mentions real meat as a main ingredient. With my adults, I supplement with cooked chicken. The bengals love chicken!! So Bengals can be more expensive to feed than a domestic cat

Fourth is to make sure your city and state allows Bengals! Some states and cities have laws prohirbiting Bengals.  so please check out beforehand.

Please before deciding that you want a bangal do some online research your self and just make sure they are perfect for you and your lifestyle!!! I wouldn't suggest buying one if you have a small apartment or if you would be away a sure to check out my page on coloring and patterns it has info that helps explain a little about them as well.

      Colorings and patterns

Colorings / Patterns

           Brown Bengals are the result of the breeding of the Asian leopard cat to a domestic cat. They like other Bengal colors, have the same patterns. Rosetted, Spotted, Arrowhead ,marble are all examples of bangal patterns. Their eyes are usually green or gold they can have glitter coats as well. They can be light in color, more orange or even quite dark. They should  NEVER have white paws if they do then they are not purebred Bengals!!!

Glitter Coat     

                All of our Bengals have beautiful glitter coats! are where the Bengals have translucent hair shafts which gives them a shiny metallic glittery look when looked at in the direct sunlight. It is very hard to get a picture of the" glitteriness"but it is simply breathtaking and soft.

                            FUZZY STAGE

             The fuzzy stage is simply the mutating of their coat pattern. It is done for self protection to help hide from predators in the wild. It can occur from anywhere around 12 weeks to a year of age and sometime more depending on the cats coloring.

                       PATTERNS (MARKINGS)

   There are a few different kinds of markings. There are spotted, Arrowhead spots, marble and Rosetted spots, I know confusing right? There are different kinds of spots some are like arrowheads some are just spots. Some have circles around spots. That's called a Rosetted spot. A circle with no spots is just a rosette or a donut rosette marbled is like the bread at the store The marble pattern should flow in a horizontal manner there are some that look like bull's eyes and some that look like ice cream.

                    Colorings / patterns


           Bengals come in a variety of colors from the white snow Bengals to the black Melanistic Bengals. All are spectacular if you ask me I currently breed snow Bengals and now browns is well we are hoping to add silver to the Bengal family too soon Snow Bengals come in three colors ;seal Lynx, Seal Mink and Seal Depia .I will try to explain the difference in the color.

                          SEAL LYNX

             The seal lynx it's the whitest of the snows. Snow Bengal kittens are born all white with very little-no markings like little Dalmatian puppies.  Their patterns begin to show after about two to four weeks if age. Their markings will enhance until they are about 12 weeks or so, and then they go into a fuzzy stage; at that point it will be hard to see their spots/marbling as well. They take the longest to fully get their markings back after this stage our male took a little over a year to achieve full markings. Some bengal markings can take up to two years before fully developed and expressed to their full potential. Please be patient with the markings as they transition from this phase and may be lighter in color as well. A Seal Lynx here's beautiful blue eyes The strength of the blue can be vary but a seal lynx always has blue eyes!

                  SEAL MINK

         A Seal Mink has a darker background color than the seal lynx.sometimes you can see a little bit of their markings at birth but usually by the end of the first week you can see them better also they  will get better around week 12 then the fuzzy stage comes and then they will get blurry. But they don't stay that long like the seal lynx does. Usually by the time they are 5 months they start looking better.



kittens are a week and a half old here


 a week and a half old